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Commercial property neglect — the Risks of ignoring workplace cleanliness

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Unhappy Employees

Some people are not the least bit affected by a dirty workplace, and you may be one of them, but these people are in the minority. In fact, 90% of your employees would work to higher standards in a clean environment. Why is this the case?

Mess and dirt make most people unhappy and unhappy employees are less efficient, driven and productive, reducing their overall work output. A lack of cleanliness can also be directly related to cluttered spaces. Clutter is known to cause mental distractions that inhibit thought processes involved in problem-solving and task management. Physical barriers can effectively result in psychological blocks.

The problems that are more likely to impact your workforce are issues that affect their personal space, like dirty eating areas or workspaces. Keeping the areas in which your employees work clean — free of rubbish, dust, clutter and dirt — can see their happiness levels rise, productivity increase and result in a better working atmosphere for both yourself and them.

Unnecessary Damage

A clean workplace doesn’t just support the mind — it supports the very structure of your business. An accumulation of dirt can result in many unwanted effects; from the buildup of damaging materials to the attraction of insect infestations. Mould and mildew also have the potential to wreak havoc if left unchecked.

Simple cleaning tactics and awareness of problems mean you can ensure that your property does not succumb to these sorts of issues. If it does? You can face massive bills or even temporary closure as maintenance work is carried out to repair damage that could have been avoided.

Risks to Health and Wellness

Maintaining cleanliness at work is not simply about cost-effective practices — it’s also about basic standards of health and wellness. Neglect of property can result in the buildup of hazardous particles like mould spores, dust and bacteria, especially if your property has areas where these are more likely to proliferate — unused spaces, kitchens and bathrooms, carpeted areas, basements and attics, etc.

Excessive quantities of these hazards can increase the chances of your employees falling ill or developing health issues. Dust, for example, is a well-known respiratory irritant that can create a wide range of health problems.

Avoidance of these problems is simple. Regular cleaning efforts combat the buildup of harmful elements that may otherwise prove to impact the general health of your workforce negatively. Committing to plans such as commercial carpet cleaning, kitchen cleanup schedules and elimination of mould can support better long-term operations.

Source:Business Matters

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NS COMMERCIAL CLEANING, specialize in providing the highest quality in professional janitorial services & maintenance to banks, office buildings, commercial, schools and much more around Houston area, We address their requests with ease!!!



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