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Your Dental Office Cleaning Checklist

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Dental Office Cleaning Procedures for Offices of Every Size

The size of your office matters. It determines how much you need to clean, how often, and how many people you’ll need to get the job done.

The best way to break down the tasks is to decide which are the areas that have the most traffic. Those are usually the places that need to be cleaned the most.

If you’re not sure where to start, put yourself in your patients’ shoes and imagine walking in for the first time. Where would you look first? Where would you go? Then list out those areas in sequence for cleaning.

Different Types of Cleaning

For your office, there are a few different types of cleaning methods that you should focus on. This is a checklist to make sure you don’t forget any of them.

  1. Disinfecting

As a dentist, you probably know how important it is to disinfect and sanitize tools. But what about the space around it? Those are equally important.

In your immediate workspace, pay special attention to the following:

  • Patient chairs (armrests and headrests)
  • X-ray equipment
  • Drawer handles
  • Cabinet and door knobs
  • Faucets and sinks
  • In the waiting and reception areas, focus on these items:
  • Reception desk
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Phones receivers and keypads
  • Drawer handles
  • Filing cabinet and door knobs
  • Pens
  • Back of chair where people hold onto the most
  • As always, make sure you’re following the standard protocols outlined by the CDC and OSHA.
  1. Dusting

Dusting is all about having the right tools. Avoid feather dusters because all they do is spread dust around. Instead, use dampened soft clothes, microfiber dusters, or a tiny handheld vacuum.

Try not to wait until the dust is visible either. The longer you wait, the more likely it is to carry nasty germs and bacteria around the office. And for those patients with allergies, dusting can make a whole world of difference.

  1. Organizing

Organizing is key to running a smooth and productive office. Pay attention to loose paperwork, mail, catalogs, magazines, and patient files. The less clutter you can leave out in the open, the better.

If you offer your clients magazines, get a magazine bin to display them. It looks nice and keeps it neat.

As for patient files, we all know better to leave them lying around but when it’s super busy, it happens. Instead of throwing them on the desk though, buy a file organizer to put them in instead. When you have more time, you can come back and organize them.

Pro tip: leave signs around to tell people to put things back (i.e. magazines, pens). This will only save you time.

  1. Discarding

The last but not least important part of your cleaning list is discarding wastes. When you leave garbage lying around or sitting in the garbage bins for too long, germs and bacteria can also grow there. To prevent this, make sure you dispose of waste frequently.

Clinical wastes and almagam wastes should all be disposed of according to industry standards. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines. Make sure you understand all the rules defined by the Environment Protection Act regarding disposing of dental wastes.

Your office is a reflection of your service and attention to detail. Having a clean office is not only great for your patients but it shows that you care about your workspace.

We all know going to the dentist isn’t exactly the favorite thing to do for most people, but we can at least make the environment as welcoming as possible by keeping it clean and organized.

And a clean office is not only for your patients, it’s for yourself and your team members. After all, you’re there more than anybody else and you should treat it like your home.

Source: ADA Marketplace

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